Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DLC Related Commentary

Comparison of the last 5 CoD games:


The DLC calendar back in January:

Maps: 12
Missions: 6
Modes: 2 (these were changed to "Classified" items after a few weeks)

Here's the final calendar:

Maps: 12
Face Off: 5
Missions: 8
Classified: 1
Free Face Off: 2
Free Maps: 1 (Terminal, not shown)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Survival Mode Strategies: Resistance

I bought the MW3 Hardened edition, and so got CoD Elite along with it.  I was looking forward to some Survival Mode stats in Elite, but so far have not found any.  Or tips, maps, other stuff (more on this later).  So I decided to make my own.

Here is Resistance, the red W is the weapons armory, E is the explosives armory, and A is the air support armory.

When I play solo I've found it really easy to get up to wave 20 or so by putting a sentry gun on the platform looking up the alley toward B-dom (actually at an angle so it swings between the alley and the street to the right), and then sitting on the stairs looking toward the square with the weapons armory in it like this:

S = Sentry gun, with the arc showing it's swinging motion

I've also played with my brother and we found the building in the middle of the map makes for a decent defensive point:

And then there are some videos on Youtube where the players get really high by using the small store in the bottom right of the map, putting a sentry gun facing out the door, and placing claymores up the back stairs.  I haven't tried this yet, but it seems pretty effective.

Here's level 40 with this strategy (not my video):

Edit:  After giving this one a try I can say it's very good.  I have a hard time getting past the mid-20s on most maps, but I got to wave 34 on this map in the souvenir shop.

Resistance is a Tier 1 map.
Helicopter waves: 6, 23+
Juggernaut waves: 10, 15, 20, 26, 30, 34