Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Next-Gen Xbox

Some pretty firm info from Engagdet:

Xbox 720, Xbox Loop -- whatever Microsoft ends up calling it, that hot rod of a console looks to be on deck for a late fall 2013 release. According to IGN's sources, this successor to the Redmond gaming throne is purported to pack a GPU based on AMD's 6000 series of chips and will boast silicon circuitry that catapults its performance past Nintendo's upcoming Wii U by 20 percent. If you're looking for a more apples to green X's comparison, this next-gen console's graphical capabilities are also reportedly six times greater than its 360 progenitor. 

I play on a 360, so this is interesting to me.  A lot of people complain that consoles are tons inferior to PCs, and looking at the specs that seems pretty clear to me as well, BUT, I bought MW2 on xbox and on PC in early 2010, and it played much, much better on the console even though I had bought my laptop only a year earlier for 3 times as much as the xbox cost me, so I don't think the comparison is as straightforward as many people say it is.

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