Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Official DLC Announcement for MW3

Activision announced the official first month's DLC for MW3.  There's a video on the CoD Youtube channel as well.

Looks like it'll be 2 multiplayer maps, Piazza and Liberation.  Assuming that each month will have the same amount of content as January's DLC, we're looking at the equivalent of 18 MP maps.  My guess is that they'll release MP maps every other month, and something else the rest of the time.  So we'll end up with 10 new MP maps, and the equivalent of 8 MP maps in other stuff.  

One thing that Robert Bowling mentioned in the video, which I haven't seen or heard anywhere else, is that there will be "extensions of the story" as part of the DLC stuff.  He said it right after saying there'd be new spec ops missions, so it's not clear if the new missions are those extensions, or if it'll be new segments added to the actual campaign.

Pricing --- I will be surprised if  January's DLC isn't between $8 and $10.  That's a lot considering both of MW2's map packs had 5 maps each, and were $15.

It appears that the way this is going to work is that if you're not a premium Elite member you'll get your first DLC in March, but it'll be all of the content up to that point.  So premium members will get it doled out over 9 months, and non-premium members will get it packaged into bundles every 3 months or so.

I'll update my price speculation to between $15 and $20 for the March DLC bundle.

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