Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MW3 DLC Missions: Black Ice and Negotiator

Black Ice and Negotiator have some information up on the content calendar:

There's a new Rob Riggle video with a little more info on the missions (and the map).

Black Ice looks like the same map as the last Spec Ops mission that comes standard, and the campaign mission where you go down in a  mine save the Russian president.  It looks as if you'll be snowmobiling down into the mine, planting some explosives, and getting out before they blow.

Negotiator has at least 2 slow motion breach-and-clear scenes, which I always enjoy.  It's in India, and the corresponding campaign mission is the one near the beginning where you play as Yuri and escort an injured Soap down to the chopper, using the assault drone along the way.  A lot of Spec Ops missions are run the opposite direction as the campaign, and this looks to be that way.

My impressions of playing these two missions solo.

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