Thursday, March 15, 2012

Black Box Multiplayer Impressions (MW3 DLC Map)

Black Box looks really good; it's bright and has a lot of color.  But in a 6 vs 6 game it plays kind of slow.  I looked at the heat maps of the games I've played on it so far, and this is about what it would look like if you combined them all together:

Most of the killing happens around the open middle of the map, between the three major houses and the front and middle pieces of the plane.  The red horseshoe contains the majority of the killing, and the green circle has a lot less than you'd expect for an area that funnels up to the top corner.  The yellow square is another funnel area which in my games had an even higher concentration of kills/deaths than the rest of the horseshoe.

The area in the bottom left of the map is kind of a dead area.  Even though that's where the A-flag is in Domination, there's just not that much action going on there.

My guess is that this map will be a lot more fun in Ground War and in Free-For-All.

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  1. I think every map has a Dead Area. And this is highly notable in Overwatch Upper/ North Right Area. The main firefights are always happening in the center of the map! Maybe cuz of spawns etc