Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Survival Strategies: Foundation

Foundation is a Tier 5 map.  Here's the best spot on the map I think:


Me and my partner sit in positions 1 and 2, watching the entrances during the normal rounds.  Then during Juggernaut and helicopter rounds what I've found pretty useful is to both partners to get predator missiles and take out either helicopters or juggernauts as early as possible.  

These are the only two entrances to that raised level, and it's also right beside the equipment armory which I think is the most important armory.  On this map the weapons armory is a straight shot for the person at position 1, but a little harder for whoever is at position 2, so I usually try to leave most of the enemy ammunition on the ground for the position 2 person to pick up.  You should plan out which rounds you'll go over to the air support armory and on those rounds when there are only a couple of enemies left head over, and take out the guys either once you're there, or on your way back.


If you are alone on the map sit in position 1 facing the weapons armory and most of the enemies will head toward you instead of up the stairs at position 2.  Then you can claymore the stairs at position 2, and at some point put a sentry gun behind yourself facing position 2 to head off the tougher enemies that do end up going up those stairs.  For jugg rounds it's pretty much the same as every other map, run loops and go prone to avoid the helos, use C4 and flashes on the juggernauts, etc.

Once you play the map a couple of times you get to know where the juggernaut drop points are relative to where you are (there's a pretty consistent pattern), and take out the more powerful juggernauts with the predators.  

Juggernaut + Helicopter Waves: 4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 28, 32

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