Thursday, May 31, 2012

MW3 June DLC for PS3

All PS3 users will get Aground and Erosion for free June 15th.

PS3 Elite premium players will get the rest of the June DLC package June 14th.

Content Collection 2 will go up for sale to anyone June 21st, $15.

Here's my summary of the content.  But there are already a zillion videos on youtube showing everything, and those are better than a few pictures on a blog.

Here's the MW3 DLC calendar with the same info.

The content collections have been coming out one week after Elite premium members have gotten it, so I expect collection 2 for PS3 to be for sale June 21st.

All or Nothing on Dome - Down Dirty

I played All or Nothing split screen with my brother not too long ago, so I missed a few easy kills.

The song is "Down Dirty" by Prof.

Survival Mode Bonuses

In this video I went through an example of each bonus in Survival mode.

As few as 4 kills in rapid succession; decreases as time between kills increases.

Kill Streak
4 kills without being hit by any enemy fire; resets if hit.

4 headshots during the same wave; does not reset.

Knive streak
5 knife kills in succession; resets if an enemy is killed with anything other than your knife.

Flash Kill
Kill 5 flashed enemies during the same wave; does not reset if other kills are made between flash kills.

Quad Kill
Kill 4 enemies with the same blast; can only be achieved with explosives, not with guns.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Survival Strategies: Oasis

Oasis is another Tier 5 map just like the other DLC maps excluding Piazza and Liberation.  There's a lot of cover so it's a bit easier than the others in my opinion.

Here's the Survival map:

The following is my two person strategy:

Both people sit up on the second floor in the spa-house each watching one of the stairs going up.  Most of the enemies will go to player 1, but a fair amount will go to player 2.

Once you start to get 2 juggernauts or more (wave 9), as long as player 2 is at those stairs one of the juggernauts will drop down at the red square with the blue perimeter.  If the juggernaut drops in during the beginning of the wave you can go place some C4 there, and no other enemies will spawn near there which will give you time to get back to the stairs, and you can most likely take out that juggernaut right away.  Then if most of the enemies are going to player 1's position player 2 can work on the helicopter(s).

Both player should back up to the balcony together so that neither one gets shot in the back.  Once you are overwhelmed jump off the balcony and run down past the equipment armory, and up those stairs at the end of that arrow.  The outer edge of the map from 5 o'clock to 10 o'clock is all under cover, so you can stay safe from the helicopters while back up and taking out the juggernauts and other enemies, and once you get over to the left side you can loop back around while keeping decent cover if needed.


Solo tip:

Don't ask me why, but if you sit up in the tower on the top of the map, none of the enemies will go up the stairs to the right, they all go to the left side of the tower, and that makes them fairly easy to take out during the regular waves.

Jugg/Helo waves:  4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MW3: A Complete Guide to Weapon XP

This is a breakdown of gun XP for primary weapons in MW3:

LevelXP Required% CompleteXP to Next Level
Secondary weapons include only levels 1-10, so the total amount of weapon XP required to max out secondarys is 14,000.

Kill - 100 xp
Headshot - 50 xp
Accolades (e.g. 1st blood, payback) - 100 xp
Shoot enemy pointstreak reward - 100 xp

If you get the first kill in the game and it's a headshot, that will add 250xp to your weapon.

There are two ways to see exactly how much XP is required to get each weapon to the next level.  One is when you are in a game lobby and you used the gun in question during the previous game, the match summary menu will have the current weapon XP of up to three guns used in that game.

The other is on in the Create-A-Class menu on the Elite website, when you put your cursor over top of one of the guns:

You can see my MP5 is currently level 28 with 80,100 weapon XP, and to get to level 29 I need 83,400 weapon xp.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

We Got 1v1 and 2v2, What About 3v3?

The 2v2 games can be fun, but often are not IMO.  However, we are likely to see some changes to the playlists again.  I think it'll be good:

3v3 was added the day after Tina tweeted this.  I think it's likely we'll see more changes to the Face Off playlist.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MW3 July DLC for Xbox

Release date:  July 17

July DLC for PS3 info - release date: July 19

Content Collection 3 will most likely be up for sale July 24th consisting of the content released in June and July.

It looks like July and September will be the best months for DLC.  Three maps.

Looks to be loosely based on the campaign level Return to Sender.

I remember a couple of years ago hoping that we would get maps based on the oil rig and the gulag in MW2's campaign.  I guess we're finally getting the oil rig.

Wave-based mission it appears.  With juggernauts and helos.

The achievements for Vertigo were leaked early:


Terminal Release date:  July 17 for Elite premium, July 18 for all other Xbox players:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MW3 Map Size Comparison

For the MW3 maps here I used an XM25 and took the number straight out of the HUD for it.
Then I created a class in CoD4, MW2 and MW3 that matched as closely as possible, and timed how long it took to walk across a map.  So the relative size of Shipment, Killhouse and Rust is based on the walking speed being the same between each game.



I put all seven Face Off maps on the same page as a number of other maps, and I scaled them all to each other to give a good idea of their relative sizes.  It's a large file so you may want to download it to see it better.

Intersection and Vortex are pretty much the same size as Dome.  U-Turn and Getaway are the smallest of the Face Off maps, but Rust, Killhouse and Shipment are far smaller still.

While you're looking at the maps why don't you listen to some music by my man Prof:


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MW3 Paid DLC To Be New Content Only

There will be no old maps coming out as part of the Elite DLC.  Here is a CoD Forum post which clearly says all Elite DLC maps will be new maps:
I can confirm that paid DLC will consist of all new maps, missions etc.

GIHAINIDII is IW's info person on the forums (his/her profile says IW Developer), so you can trust this.  I'm mildly disappointed, there are some old maps that I really, really liked, but I understand it from a PR perspective.  It's still possible that old maps will come out (notice it says "paid DLC") but I think it's highly unlikely.

Pointer from MP1st.

There are old map files in MW3 though.  CharlieIntel just posted about Terminal being there.  I'm curious how this will play out, especially since the map file is listed as a Spec Ops mission.

Also, in the MW3 forums GIHAINIDII responded to a question about old maps:


MW3 Content Collection 2

Content Collection 2 goes to Xbox for general purchase the 22nd of May.  It will consist of the April and May premium content:

Multiplayer maps:
-Getaway (Face-off map)
-Lookout (Face-off map)

Spec Ops missions:

The new game mode Face-off has two maps free to everyone on May 15th:

In sum:

Call of Duty video
IGN video

I think it's pretty safe to assume a 4 week delay for PS3 - the two Face Off maps will go to all PS3 players the 14th of June, and Collection 2 will be available to all PS3 players for purchase the 21st of June.

PC players will possibly get Collection 2 July 10th if it's another 7 week delay from when Xbox gets it.