Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MW3 Content Collection 2

Content Collection 2 goes to Xbox for general purchase the 22nd of May.  It will consist of the April and May premium content:

Multiplayer maps:
-Getaway (Face-off map)
-Lookout (Face-off map)

Spec Ops missions:

The new game mode Face-off has two maps free to everyone on May 15th:

In sum:

Call of Duty video
IGN video

I think it's pretty safe to assume a 4 week delay for PS3 - the two Face Off maps will go to all PS3 players the 14th of June, and Collection 2 will be available to all PS3 players for purchase the 21st of June.

PC players will possibly get Collection 2 July 10th if it's another 7 week delay from when Xbox gets it.

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  1. on may 15th its for elite users only not everyone