Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MW3 July DLC for Xbox

Release date:  July 17

July DLC for PS3 info - release date: July 19

Content Collection 3 will most likely be up for sale July 24th consisting of the content released in June and July.

It looks like July and September will be the best months for DLC.  Three maps.

Looks to be loosely based on the campaign level Return to Sender.

I remember a couple of years ago hoping that we would get maps based on the oil rig and the gulag in MW2's campaign.  I guess we're finally getting the oil rig.

Wave-based mission it appears.  With juggernauts and helos.

The achievements for Vertigo were leaked early:


Terminal Release date:  July 17 for Elite premium, July 18 for all other Xbox players:

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