Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mark Rubin Twitter Update

I was browsing through Mark Rubin's twitter account and he answered a lot of questions in the last 3 days.  Here are some things I found:
(edit:  I decided to put a link to his twitter account in the heading of the blog because he's always answering questions.)

A patch for lag is coming:

Regarding gun DLC:

Regarding small maps for all playlists (e.g. Dome):

What is required to bring an old map into a new game:

The status of Rust and Shipment:

Added June 12th:

Added June 13th:


  1. Oh look! There I am :D @MyBananasBigger :D

    1. Congratulations, you're famous!
      But for real, your question got some good info out. Thanks.

    2. Haha No problem :)