Saturday, March 23, 2013

MW2 - Cliffhanger and Outpost

I can't believe I never saw it until just today, but the MW3 multiplayer map Outpost is loosely based on MW2's campaign level Cliffhanger.

I tried two different tacks here, one with Outpost placed on the other side of the runway, but after finishing I realized that doesn't make much sense because if the runway is getting any kind of traffic people who may need to cross won't be able to (not that it would matter in-game, but since this is all my imagination anyway...).  So I also placed the two large hangers in Outpost on top of the ones in Cliffhanger.

I know it looks bad on paper, but I think that's just that the two maps have a different style.  I doubt it would take much to integrate Outpost into Cliffhangers design.  It doesn't add much to the total area, especially if you take into account the rest of the map that you only cover on the snowmobile, but it almost doubles the base's facilities.

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