Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MW3 March DLC (for Xbox): March 13th

On the Elite content calendar  there's some new information up and here's a screenshot:

So the map I posted from the Rob Riggle video will be called "Black Box" (it was first speculated as morningwood) and there are two Spec Ops missions in March as well.  Let's CSI these mission thumbnails:

When you roll over the images on the calendar the name comes up as "Black Ice" for the first and "Negotiator" for the second.

Black Ice - can you say MW2 spec ops?  In MW2 the two snowmobile missions were basically races, the first just a race against a countdown, and the second where you have to add time to your countdown by passing between sets of flags.
I have no info outside of what you see here, but my speculation is that Black Ice won't be a time trial; perhaps an obstacle course? with some killing of course.

Negotiator - Sounds like some kind of hostage rescue scenario.  There have been plenty of these in CoD campaigns and special missions in CoD4 and MW2.

Here are the Black Box pictures again:

I'll put money down that you won't be able to go more than 1 room into the airplane.  MP maps never have closed off tubes like that available for camping.

UPDATE:  Elite Premium gets these 3 pieces of DLC March 13th.

Another Black Image from Robert Bowling's twitter:

And larger images have been added to the calendar page along with descriptions for the map and the 2 missions:

My Black Box survival strategy.
My first impressions of the 2 missions.

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