Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Survival Strategies: Sactuary

Sanctuary is a Tier 5 map along with Foundation, Overwatch and Black Box.  Your loadout and the wave progression is the same.  My strategy when I'm playing co-op goes like this:

One person covers the long stairway that looks down on the bridge across the chasm.  The other person watches the back stairs that go into the little room.  Those are the only two ways to get up to that level, so no one will surprise you by getting behind your back.  When the juggernaut and helicopters come one person flash the juggernauts and occupy their attention, the other focus on the helos.  Once we got up to 14 and above one we would both get predator missiles and take out the helicopters with those, then loop the map and take out the juggernauts.

When playing solo I couldn't find a better place to hole up during the regular waves.  The upper right part of the map at the top of those stairs gives a great vantage point, and just put some claymores in that back room, with perhaps a sentry or two looking toward that room to guard your back.  If you are looking down the long stairway most of the enemies will be coming toward that stairway and not around back.

On solo I got to wave 19, and in co-op mode this was good for a decent 24.  It's not great, but I'm not a great player.

Jugg/helo waves: 4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 28, 32

I played this map at 5am eastern time and got to wave 14, then looked at the leaderboards and was pleasantly surprised:

Yup, for at least a moment I was number 1 in the world for Sanctuary Solo Survival.  Now let's all take a moment to remember the hundreds of AI that lost their lives in the making of that record.

Here's the actual Greek monastery that this map is based on:  Meteora

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