Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MW3 DLC Release Schedule

I found this on the CoD forums:

So, there will be 12 MP maps, 6 spec ops missions, and 2 new game modes.  I'm guessing the new game modes are for multiplayer, but since they released Drop Zone already without counting it as part of any DLC the new modes could be something else.

And, Robert Bowling said something about story extensions in his commentary on the DLC (go to 1:40).  That could be the spec ops missions since those are often related to the story (like Milehigh Jack is the opposite of the campaign level Turbulence), but it could be something else.

Wait and see.

Calendar source.

Update 2:
What used to be listed as "Game Mode" is now listed as "Classified".
Whatever that means.

Update 3:
May now has a third piece of content listed as "Classified".  So instead of 20 we'll get 21 pieces of content.  More is better.

Update 4:
There will be 24 pieces of content for Elite premium members, as well as at least 2 Face Off maps available for free to everyone.  The sum total of what Elite premium gets is as follows:

- At least 12 normal multiplayer maps
- At least 7 Spec Ops missions
- At least 2 Face Off maps
- At least 2 classified

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