Monday, June 11, 2012

Pitch Meeting for MW3

I know of a humor columnist who writes about these types of pitch meetings for movies. Here's the pitch meeting for New Year's Eve he wrote.
Here's my take on one of these meeting for MW3
Developer 1: Hey everyone, I appreciate you coming to the meeting.
Dev 2: You're the guy who came up with Final Stand! Of course we'll come to your meeting. Everything you say is gold!
Dev 3: Pure gold!
Dev 4: 40 carat gold!
Dev 1: Thanks guys. So, I feel like the support strike package lacks a little pizzazz, know what I mean?
Dev 3: It lacks pizzazz and it lacks oomph.
Dev 2: What other ways are there to support your team?
Dev 4: Ammo drops?
Dev 3: A support care package?
Dev 1: Umm, those sound ok, but they don't have the glamour I'm looking for.
Dev 2: A beer drop!
Dev 3: Slurpees!
Dev 4: A mani-pedi!
Dev 1: How about this, You know how the Assault strike package has the air strike? Let's give the support package something similar except it covers about 10 times more of the map.
Dev 2: Brilliant!
Dev 3: Amazing!
Dev 4: That's why you get paid the big bucks.
Dev 1: So it's settled then. Let's get that coded into the game. Who's ready for tomorrow's release?
-End scene-

Despite liking MW3 quite a bit there are a few things that bug me a bit.

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