Monday, June 4, 2012

MW3 August DLC for Xbox

Release date:  August 7

August DLC for PS3 info - Release date: August 16 (PS3 general and PC will get Terminal August 17th)

The calendar says:

I was so sure they would use the Kill Switch and Arctic Recon maps again for these two missions, but I was wrong.  They have two entirely new missions, Special Delivery and Light 'Em Up.  Official info has been released with a couple of screenshots:

Light 'Em Up (from the campaign mission Stronghold)

Special Delivery (another map not from the campaign)

This is a screenshot from Gamecheat13, not officially released.

UPDATE: Gamecheat13 put video up of Light 'Em Up, one of the spec ops missions:

OFFICIAL UPDATE:   Activision has let out the info on the rest of the DLC season.  They are re-organizing the last few drops into two content collections:

Content Collection #3:
Chaos Pack will consist of four Special Ops missions, 3 Face Off maps, and the new Survival Chaos mode, up for general purchase August 9th.

  • Arctic Recon
  • Vertigo
  • Special Delivery
  • Light 'Em Up
Face Off maps:
  • Vortex
  • U-Turn
  • Intersection
Special Ops Chaos Mode delivers a frenetic form of combat that demands players to outlast waves of enemies, while chaining kills on maps littered in power-ups to achieve the highest possible score:
  • Resistance
  • Village
  • Underground
  • Dome
Great picture for Chaos mode:

Content Collection #4:
Final Assault is a classic map pack and will consist of five multiplayer maps up for general purchase September 6th.
  • Off Shore
  • Decommission
  • Parish
  • Gulch
  • Boardwalk

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